Frances Follows Up

The pictures came back, but I don't have them scanned in yet. We're ready to plan the next outing. Just got this email from Frances. . . and I love the idea of helping people, but I also love how our simple idea has been embraced and passed on to others. The simple act of taking the watering can shows that the space will be respected and taken care of even if we can't do it ourselves.

Just returned from the garden shrine. Went there to water before going to my parents house. Stopped by my house before going to see them so I could send this email. when I got to the site, I parked across the street where we parked yesterday. A mexican was sitting on a piece of cardboard in front of the shrine. He smiled when I walked up with the watering can. After I watered the plants, he took the watering can from
me and stored it behind the shrine. He or someone had rearranged a few flowers. 2 pink flowers that had been at Mary's feet were now on Mary, sort of in her lap, near the baby. have no idea how they were attached.

was so profoundly effected by the sight of the Mexican and the alter I wanted to tell you both right away. This a good thing we did, even if it only helps this one man.


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