The saga continues. . .

Well, its a quiet day at work, I finally have time to write, and all the pictures I want to post are on my other computer. I'll use this as an opportunity to introduce Charlie and myself. . . we are the co-parents of a young, energetic, and happily licky, kissy puppy named Wolfgang. Wolfie also has three half-siblings, my cat Sneaky Sneaky Freakshow and Charlie's cats, the beloved (but m.i.a.) Lovey and Huggy Bear. Wolfgang doesn't really understand that he is a dog and the other ones are cats. We love him all the more for it, though.
We are also the manufacturer's of No Biting, Wolfie! apparel and accessories. Look for pictures and more fun stuff in the coming days!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! the whole counter/ Z meds in the cupboard thing makes sense. Wolfie thinks he's a cat! It's that whole "see the cat, feel the cat, BE the cat kind of thing. and we thought Miss Manoa had some identity issues--hmmmm. Love your blog am looking forward to the photos!