Prose for Little Piggy Toes

pickled pigs feet makes sense for the first several people who tried them, not so much after that.
think about it: someone just slaughtered a pig, lack of refrigeration made them try pickling. so they pickle the parts they really don't want to eat (feet are a great example of this) but know at some point the food supply will be low and there will be times where seemingly unappetizing animal bits are necessary. so into the pickle go the feet.
months go by, out of desperation and 8 feet of snow outside. . . time to try the pigs feet. voila!
and. . . they are disgusting, but desperation is, after all, aptly named for itself.

but now we have refrigeration. we have transit which enables us to get food from all over the world, fresh at any point in time, snow, rain, sleet, you know the postman's creed. we'll get it.
now it is time to outlaw the pickled pigs feet, let them die with dignity, not having to worry about tickling, pickling feet post-mortem and all that.

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verasunshyne said...

AMEN! to that, you should start a boycott campaign!