Eerie Similarities cont'd

Oops, where did I go?? I've been sucked into Cody  Foster & Co. land. Seeing examples of online friends' work and their uncanny resemblances; it's a very strange, Patty Duke like world out there.

I'm not sure there's an end in sight to finding comparisons and the breadth and depth of similarities is nothing short of astonishing.

Several years ago, their catalog was probably not much more than 20 pages or so. Fast forward 6 years and the catalog is closer to 200 pages. How does a 15 person company (which I assume includes warehouse workers, management, import coordinators, and the design department among others) create unique, prolific design at that pace? Does it matter? Cody Foster & Co. makes millions annually, the same cannot be said for the artists who have found eerie similarities between their work and the products filling the pages of the Cody Foster catalog.

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