4 years of shameful behavior

Lisa Congdon

Cody Foster is still going strong (2010; 2011, 2012), allegedly (as it hasn't been proven in court) selling designs not theirs as their own. Check out yesterday's post on Jezebel on the subject. In the past, retailers  Jayson Home and Garden, Leif Shop, Madewell, and countless independent retailers have carried their wares. This year, after a cursory internet search, Fab, Nordstrom, and Terrain have their wares in stock. Doubtless, other shops will soon have Cody Foster ornaments in stock since their catalog is mostly seasonal items.

Let the retailers know that selling Cody Foster degrades their brand and compromises their corporate integrity.

Let these artists know you stand behind their originality:  Abigail Brown, Cassandra Smith, Kissa Designs, Lisa Congdon, Macon & Lesquoy, and Mimi Kirchner.

Abigail Brown
Cassandra Smith
Kissa Designs
Macon & Lesquoy
Mimi Kirchner
Abigail's Story

Lisa's Story
Jezebel Article
Yahoo Shine article

Thank you West Elm, Orange and Pear, and Fab for no longer carrying Cody Foster wares! Seems Fred Flare and ModCloth severed ties years ago when suspicions first arose.


mimi k said...

Thank you SO much for this. Maybe we can make a difference.

Barbara said...

I'm less than impressed with Cody Foster's track record. I'm also less than impressed with Lisa Congdon's work....She really needs to stop using popular, and in some instances, FAMOUS photography as visual references for her work...it reeks of the pot calling the kettle black....