Pinterest-y Me

Once again it's time for M's birthday!

A few weeks ago I found these adorable mask/party hat invites at Target. They're from Mara Mi and perfectly set the tone for a playful birthday celebration. (Though this image doesn't accurately show the GIANT "Made in China" printed on the back. For that very reason I almost took them back, but Mabel found them and there was no talking her out of them at that point.)

Once the invites were passed out, full party planning mode kicked in: homemade party picks for the food, paper chains and a homemade "Happy Birthday" garland...I think I've been browsing the internet too much lately. 

Plus, I don't get out much.

That's the best explanation I can come up with for how excited I get to decorate M's birthday party every year. I don't much money to budget, I don't really even have the eye for it, but I enjoy the planning and I think about decorations. A LOT.

Some ideas we're working on include homemade pinatas and t-shirts for the kids to color in lieu of goody bags. I'm going to use kraft paper for tablecloths and have a few buckets of crayons on each table.

We still have a couple weeks before the party, so who knows what else might happen. In the meantime, I'm feeling a little too much like a Pinterest-y mom for my own good.

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