The last mile

Sixteen days until my due date, and over the weekend all motivation to finish the bedroom flew out the door. There was about 3 square feet of floor left to paint, and there are papers to shuffle, file, or shred, and a few tools to clean up. There are also some holes to fill in on the walls and touch up with paint. This is what Charlie calls "the last mile", it's when things become "good enough" and I get tired of a project and call it finished.

See? This side of the room is where the floor paint needed finishing (which I did last night!) and some final purging and organizing needs to be done. The clothes on the arm of the chair and the empty pillowcase on the ottoman perform as cat scratch detractors. We'll come up with something prettier over the next couple days, I'm sure. If not, I'll get back to the project in 3 years, when I can tell Fox to go play with his sister.  For now, it's good enough. 

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ashley said...

Your bedroom looks great! (I can't believe you still have that orange-haired doll. Does she need a yellow-haired playmate?)

The mister and I fall into that last mile trap, too. We have a big bag of brushed-nickel hinges that have been sitting there, waiting to replace the brass ones on all of our cabinets for about 2 years now. (That's the last of the brass we've been trying to get rid of.) Maybe someday we'll actually take them out of the bag.