Belly Time

Everyone say hello to giant baby Fox.

We're officially at 37 weeks today, which means we've reached full term. While I say I hope Fox is early, it's only the impatience of a few months of poor sleep, continual hip pain, and a belly that arrives in a room five minutes before I do that hope so.  I want him to be happy and healthy on that great big water slide into the world, and if that means 40 or 41 weeks, so be it.

I've read and memorized every "signs of labor" site on the web, at least the ones that had somewhat reputable sounding names. What do you mean I can't will myself to go into labor? 

Other thoughts on Week 37 (and/or) the 3rd trimester:

Baby Center explains week 37 in layman's terms.

Though in more casual terms this is about right...looks like A Lovely Lark is a week ahead of me (and yes, I'm jealous of that fact).

But if you really want a straight shooter account: AlphaMom knows what it's all about. Her Windex example is the equivalent to my pacing back and forth for half an hour in front of a desk that needed moving right. then. or. I. was. going. to. move. it. myself. On my shoulders, if need be.  

Fox made an appearance in this pic (striped sweater, lower left).

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