Upstairs bathroom update

After a week on lock down from a cold, I'm back up and at 'em, though everything is exhausting. If it weren't, I would've hunted down the camera to take a picture of our kitchen counter covered in cold remedies for Charlie (medicated) and Mabel (homeopathic). Being pregnant, I didn't partake in the syrup swallowing marathon.

Before the cold took us down, I got a few swipes of leftover paint (from the downstairs bathroom) on the walls of the upstairs bathroom. The trim needs a good deal of touching up now, too. I also took down a ledge shelf that was a clearance purchase at Target 6 or 7 years ago and had C put up 2 of his firewood shelves. (Normally I'd do that part, too, but the wall zips we use for heavy duty hanging are self-drilling and for whatever reason don't cooperate with me.) We plan on having the sink and tub resurfaced in the near-ish future. Then...it'll be onto something else!

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