Happy Birthday to Me!

I've been messing around with my website, trying to get the blog to look like the site to keep the "flow" of things, and now everything is all wonky. I'll get it sorted out...sometime.

In the meantime, my birthday is coming up and so I've been daydreaming about some luxurious** goods to add to my little world.

Any painting by Lulie Wallace. Since she's in Charleston, SC I would want to turn the purchase into a good excuse to take a road trip to pick it up, too.

Voluspa Golden Cypress Sawara and Illume Balsam and Cedar candles are my favorite scents. We don't burn candles often around our house {except maybe to cover up the stank of compost collecting in the sink one (or five) days too long} bur are more apt to warm up the space with a candle during winter. These are the most perfect fragrances to carry you from fall through winter, both reminiscent of freshly fallen leaves crunching under foot with a hint of a Christmas tree for good measure.

Tasty treats from Whimsy and Spice...especially anything pumpkin!

Bridgman Pottery egg cups:  After all, the pretty eggs from our hens deserve an equally pretty display during breakfast, don't you think? I think I'd like a mish mash of colors, too. They're all so tempting!

The reality? I've asked for a truck load of compost to be brought in. Oooo la la, talk about luxurious!

**By luxurious I just mean things we don't need. We actually don't really need anything right now, we have so much, so any addition seems like quite a luxury.

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Misti said...

Isn't it funny how our wants change over the years? Sure the are many luxurious items I want (Tiffany's box please?) but nothing I necessarily need---though I could use a few loads of dirt and compost too to start my garden!