Ready for a Permaculture Primer?

Registration is now available for the fall Permaculture Primer. This beyond-the-basics course will teach you the methods and means behind the practice of permaculture. Friday evening we'll kick things off with a potluck and introduction. Saturday and Sunday will be 2 full days of learning. Our guide and teacher is North Carolina's own permaculture leader, Patricia Allison. She'll cover a brief history of permaculture, ways to reduce waste and reduce petroleum consumption, among many other timely ecological topics. You'll leave with a great deal of knowledge and tools to implement change. Course cost: $150.

Interested? Sign up here!

Some topics we'll cover include: building mulch beds so your garden will be ready for spring, no tilling necessary; creating a polyculture in your landscape to minimize pests and maximize sustainability; and interesting, atypical crops that grow well in the area.

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