Simultaneously I'm holding onto summer with a firm, red knuckled grip, while eagerly anticipating fall's cool sigh of heat relief and renewal.

Martha Stewart's lengthy series of recipes for summer crop canning is taunting me. Haven't I canned enough!? Over the past month I've put up 2 types of tomato sauce, salsa, tomato jam, spicy red pepper ketchup, blueberry vanilla basil jam, pickled green tomatoes, pickled celery sticks, and whole figs packed in vanilla honey syrup. I'm planning on adding roasted red pepper and heirloom tomato soup to the list, but now I want to pack peaches in a fruit juice reduction, make a giant batch of pickled okra and...and...and...

Considering which leafy greens to fill the garden beds with this fall. While filing this recipe away for the day after the first frost.  (Am I really typing that? Am I actually somewhat excited about the first frost?? I haven't had my fill of tomatoes and squash yet!)

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