Another weekend passed by too quickly.  There was time spent in the community garden, 5 minutes spent in my own garden, too much take out, and no time at the gym. We also went to Hi-C's first softball game where Mabel cheered him on like a champ, "Go Papa, go! Go Papa, go!"

In the gardens things are growing strong, and I'm not just talking about the plants. There are Japanese Beetles to contend with, ladybugs (thankfully), and some other critters that haven't wreaked too much havoc. The community garden is about 50% tomato plants right now, but this guy seemed to prefer sweet potato leaves. After much screaming and freaking out by a fellow gardener who shall remain nameless, she took it to the creek to let it sleep with the fishes.

If you're not familiar with hornworms, read more here.

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ashley said...

Who wouldn't play better with a cheerleader like Mabel? I'll bet that made his day!