A moment for quick creativity

It's not often I find time to be creative in the afternoon. Between chasing/appeasing Mabel, making dinner, and resting my bones (and sometimes squeezing exercise in there somewhere) creativity gets mushed in with making dinner or relegated to a dark corner on the back burner of my mind. Yesterday I took 30 minutes for myself, picked a handful of flowers, one of two of my Alyssa Ettinger knitware tumblers, and took some pictures.

We have a little tiny window in the downstairs bathroom. It must be about 12 x 16" or so, and as a girl it always seemed straight out of a story book. Though miniature, the window fills the room with beautiful light. 

A few feet away, in the kitchen, in front of a window on the same side of the house as the bathroom window {bright! beautiful! soul lifting! light!}we have a rustic desk that I believe was my grandmother's. It tucks right in under the window. Old handkerchiefs stitched together into curtains filter the light for privacy enough.

And one more shot while I had the chance.

You know the old saying about surrounding yourself with the things you love? The benefit of this quick exercise was finding a few square feet in our home of things I absolutely love. Flowers, furniture with history, beautiful light and a favorite ceramic piece. All while satisfying a quiet hunger to be creative.

Of course, then it was time to do laundry and start dinner. Back to reality.

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