Guildy as charged

I've been working on a few drawings of potential guilds; this is a scan of the first one. I thought it might be fun to print out and color from the ink drawing. If you feel so inclined, you can download the picture here. If you color it, snap a picture, I want to see! And though I think it goes without saying, if you share the image with others, please link back or credit back to me in some way.

From Wikipedia's entry on Permaculture, the definition of guild:
A guild is any group of species that exploit the same resources, often in related ways. Guilds are groups of plants, animals, insects, etc. that work well together. Some plants may be grown for food production, some to attract beneficial insects, and others to repel harmful insects. When grouped together these plants form a guild.

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ashley said...

Love it. Your drawings are always so intricate. Will try to let each of the boys color this and send you the results.