Bits at a time

Ahhh, the porch. Remember that old beast? Here's the progress as we stand now. Lucky you, getting to see the progress in nearly real time. No staging here, you get to see all of the ugly, in-process details, folks.

On the Fourth we got a little farther, then progress halted again. We have to do these projects as time dictates, and sometimes that means taking the weekend off to be a family and do fun things together.  For us, that meant a quick trip to the family lake house to see my aunts and uncles and remind Mabel of the adventures to be had on the lake. Fishing, swimming, playing, experiencing the essence of adventurous summers.

Let it be known, Mabel is now familiar with the sludge sucking creature known as catfish.

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ashley said...

Glad you got to take her to the lake ... Family trips are what summer's all about! Your porch-in-progress looks nice. Can't wait to see the final thing.