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Ever heard of reishi mushrooms? I hadn't until I started reading James Green's The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook. What's so wonderful about this particular family of fungi? Read about some of their healing potential.

In fact, I was so intrigued by the information I decided to try my hand at growing my own.  The kit sent up pins, and now I'm waiting for them to fan out at the top. In the meantime imagine my surprise when I saw some similar pins shoot up from an old oak stump!

Doesn't seem like they're one of the tough ones to ID, but I want to make sure. The coloring is much duller than when I picked them--there's a powdery finish now rather than the bright orange you can still see on the stems.

Anyone know if these are reishi?

**In full disclosure: I'm an affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs. I chose to be one because I use and believe in the quality of their products. If you click the link to their reishi selection and buy something from the site I will get a small percentage credit from the sale. 

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Misti said...

Well, now that I have seen these too, perhaps they are reishi---but they do look like the chicken of the forest I posted about last night---too. Man...do you have a university in nearby? You could find out from a biologist/mycologist there.