The weekend is almost here...6 hours away for me...so we're gearing up to finish the porch. Nothing like dragging along on a project that should've taken a day, 2 tops!....

Little Sugar Creek. May 2012
image by Nadine Ford,/td>

That's what I started blogging this past Friday and that's pretty much how everything is right now. Busy, fragmented and the minutes are just too short. To celebrate the madness, here are a few things keeping me busy:

The contest is still going on for a chance to win your very own copy of Little Paper Planes! Might I suggest you get 2 copies--one to play with and one to keep whole?

Little Sugar Creek. Early June 2012
image by Nadine Ford

Volunteering a little at the Tuesday Twilight Matthews Farmers Market.

Little Sugar Creek. Mid-June 2012
image by Nadine Ford

Growing food and constantly weeding at Little Sugar Creek Community Garden. (Enough with the weeding already!)

Mentally designing one of these.

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