When Chiot's Run posted about boiled linseed oil and vinyl siding I flagged it with a mental post it note. In the past we'd used I don't know if you can tell in the image below, but the side of our garage was pretty much slimy and green. {Please don't look at the roof of the garage...it needs some attention, but that's a fall project.}

In case you're not feeling up to scrolling down to the last post to see what the house looked like on Tuesday, let me remind you: 

As we did small prep tasks to tackle the new porch columns the green slime became more noticeable. Let me rephrase that in a more honest fashion: As we cleared up long-standing messes in the area, other details that needed attention became more apparent. Green slime became very very very apparent.

I'd ordered the smaller bottles of both organic linseed oil soap Extra and of organic boiled linseed oil and they arrived just in time to make a quick project of cleaning the garage...and by quick project I mean we were out there for less than an hour. I diluted the soap in water, gathered some stiff bristled brushes, and Charlie and I tackled the task while Mabel sprayed everyone and everything with the hose. The process? Brush on the soap, leave for a few minutes, spray off with the hose.

No one even broke a sweat. Maybe Monday I'll have pictures of the house with new columns! Wish me luck, I've already told Charlie I'm Superintendent on this project.


Misti said...

Hey, that's awesome! I'm kind of nervous and excited about all of the upcoming household tasks I will be having! *eek*

ashley said...

Looks great! I'm sure Mabel + hose added greatly to the fun. ;)

Anonymous said...

So the boiled linseed oil after cleaning worked good???
Thank you,