Redneck Hot or Urban Haute?

I've been bothering Charlie for one of these for oh....say...2 years now? See The Brick House's vision? Search "stock tank pool" or "livestock tank pool" and you'll find pages of drool worth examples. The idea of pool upkeep isn't so fantastic so the popularity of living pools makes for an equally tempting option, albeit one that might leave you with little fish nibbles every time you swim. But as far as a plain ol' stock tank with water? In one context it's a whole lotta hillbilly, but in another it's modern, simple design.

I love Jay Sauceda's images of the pool at El Cosmico in Texas; the built up stone edging, the way the water calls for a dip. Check out the Lundberg Design sophistication going on--zero redneck there.

Steve and Glen's Joshua Tree abode as seen on Apartment Therapy.  bigBANG studio's pictures of the same.

Who's ready for a dip? What do you think? Redneck hot tub or modern with a bit of twang?


Penryn said...

I love it.. BUT.. how do you clean it? Are you planning to add plants to it? Tell us more!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Penryn, some people use filtration and chemicals like in a regular pool. I might drain it on a regular basis and wipe it down to keep it clean--then the water would become garden irrigation. A living pond would (in theory) keep itself clean...
In other words, I have no idea. Why are you making me think things through before I do them?!? Hahaha.