some serious cute

I know she's a little sponge at this age, imitating C and me. How can I not be amazed at this little girl; the one who wakes up in the morning and starts drawing and later in the day stays by my side outdoors while I garden and she digs for worms. C'mon people.  That's some serious cuteness there.

This weekend will involve all of the above plus a few other projects, including inoculating shiitake logs, attacking invasive plants, and finally getting all of my seeds started. All of those tasks are merely distractions. What you won't see me doing this weekend is drumming my fingers and tapping my feet, impatiently waiting for the samples of patterns I sent to Spoonflower yesterday. 

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ashley said...

That IS some serious cuteness. Gotta love a little girl who's not afraid to get some dirt under those nails. :)