a little organic honesty

Once again we finished the weekend as exhausted as it began. Hi-C has been making a playhouse for the little one while I've been clearing out invasive plants from several patches of the front yard. I'm going to regain a greater area of the property for planting useful plants, while planning and integrating play space for M. I will win. I will. (Okay, I'm done convincing myself for now.)

When I first moved back into Chez Sneak, I was newly interested in gardening and knew much less then. I tried using chemicals (like Round Up) to get rid of the masses of English ivy that were taking over the yard. The Round Up barely did anything, and as a $7 an hour record store employee, I wasn't going to keep buying ineffective and relatively expensive products. My budget was most likely my greatest ally in getting on the path towards organic problem solving. Now that there is a small person around, I'm even more passionate about finding solutions that won't poison her or the earth.

All that said, without toxic chemicals the seems daunting.  I say that simply because about half the property has been taken over by wisteria, English ivy, elaeagnus, privets, laurels, green briar, and a few other bullies. To spray a broad application of herbicide would be a faster solution; except that the weeds have evolved to become herbicide resistant, so it takes many applications to kill them off.

Instead, I'll continue to wield the loppers, pruners, and Mechanix gloves that I've come to rely on. I'll pull and dig and gnash my teeth, and get a work out just from exotic weeds. But Mabel will keep her safe play space, I'll get to know the soil first hand, and I will win.

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ashley said...

Wow, he's doing a great job on the playhouse. Little M is going to love that!