links worthy of collecting

A few nice links to kick off the new week:

Wolfie and the Sneak are part of the new Poppytalk Handmade market. Come check us out, the prints are linked to shops that have them in stock (hooray for easy shopping!)

Sprout (Dispatches from Three Gardens) follows three gardeners through their plant exploits.

A Seed Company That Helped Presidents And Immigrants Garden Falters: If you haven't ordered a D Landreth Seed Co. seed catalog you're truly missing out. Equal parts drool-worthy seed selection and educational gardening information makes it quite a treat.

I saw a link to this Kickstarter and thought it was a link to this past weekend's music-heavy Prairie Home Companion. It kinda is, but without Garrison Keillor {which might make it even better to many. Oops, sorry Gary.}

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Misti said...

Thanks for the link! :) I'll have to check the rest out later...definitely interested in the seed company one.