In it to win it

Last year we spent a good deal of time fighting one particular area of privet, ivy, and wisteria that were taking over part of the yard. For several weeks there was a continual wall of debris, waist high, and prickly as hell. Seems we'd trim back one part and before we could take the limbs and vines to the road some other beast would put its roots down.

Now we're back at it. Same area, same plants, new growth. This year I'm convinced we'll win, although we must've already carted 15 wheel barrow loads of debris to the street. I bet there's another 15 we've yet to tackle. Why the fight? That stuff is taking up precious full sun space, and if I can grow more food there, I'll go face to face with the devil...or whatever nasty invasive plant decides to show up next. When it comes to regaining the rare full sun areas of our yard, I'm in it to win it.

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