Food Forest Example

A while back I posted a worksheet to plan a food forest garden. I've used it a couple times, but thought I'd share this one since it's time to start thinking about spring gardening.

This particular food forest/guild will be planted in a Charlotte, NC community garden and will be about 20-feet in diameter. The plum tree will be the center, the outer circumference will be planted with daffodils, garlic, chives, and crocus and act as a deterrent to deer and squirrels.*** The other layers of plants that will benefit the tree and each other mutually, including gathering nutrients and attracting/deterring insects.  The idea is to have a garden that provides it's own nutrition, mulch and soil building, while providing an assortment of food to those that tend the area. It's a commonly used permaculture technique to provide larger yields and require less work; just the way I like it.

Filled with herbs and fruit, this could be quite a tasty garden!

***Though I don't think there's actually true squirrel or deer deterrent!


ashley said...

That worksheet is so pretty, it's enough to make ME want to grow something.

Good luck with those squirrel deterrents ... (We've found that even the "squirrel proof" bird feeders don't stand a chance against squirrels. *sniff*)

Thrivalista said...

This is perfect! Gets my planning juices flowing. Maybe I'll add a place to note the guild diameter, grow spacing, eventual height...