The problem with Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? I've had an account for a month or so, but haven't done much with it. Yesterday, though, I was hellbent on finding an attractive solution for sorting laundry and the pinning pining began.Truthfully there probably isn't much more of a so-called First World Problem than too much beauty and overwhelming inspiration, but that's the problem with Pinterest. Pretty pictures will just suck you into a vortex of time wasting and dreams of homey perfection.

Back to yesterday...while looking for pretty baskets and bins and creative ideas for our out in the open and very unattractive laundry situation, I came across a couple images of branches as closet rods. Perfect! I thought to myself--I'd just trimmed some dead branches from the cedar trees that flank the house, and wouldn't cedar be pretty? Plus Mabel's room has sort of a fantastical nature meets vintage thing going on anyway. I'll do it! 

What mom of a toddler doesn't already have enough to do that she can't add whittling a branch to the so-called laundry list of housekeeping? Look at this brilliance!

After the day job, I went home and trimmed a branch down to what I figured was a good length, trimmed off any poky parts and set my mind to shaving off the bark. This branch is cedar, mind you, so shaving off the bark wasn't as easy a task as I'd imagined.

I got about this far. 

And then Charlie became interested. I think it was because I'd literally just vacuumed the room for the first time since Christmas.

He had a magical tool that made the entire process go quickly and beautifully. I kept asking if he wanted me to take over, but he said no. I think he was secretly pretending to be the Woodwright.

Now the branch itself is finished, tung oiled and waiting to be installed. Hopefully that will happen this evening because I've got a strong hankering to get back onto Pinterest and play some more.

Do you use Pinterest? What's your handle?


Sarah said...

I love Pinterest, but agree - sometimes it's overwhelming, and it's like quicksand for time. But I've also seen some gorgeous things on the site! (My handle is 'Sarah Kwan')

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest, but it can be such a time-suck.

A huge, beautiful, inspirational, mouth watering, time-suck.

bridgmanpottery said...

I also love pintrest (obviously). It's a great place to catalog ideas and recipes. The trick, I think, is to search for specific things and give yourself a time limit- I try for 10 min at a time and make myself stop before I get pulled down the rabbit hole! Most days I do 2 10 min visits. It's really helped me to remember things I want to try pottery-wise.

cdunitz said...

Just started and I Love it because I can catalog things for myself, and show things to others quickly and easily. I read a lot of blogs , news sites and designer and photography sites online every day, so luckily I don't have time for that particular rabbit hole. I'm http://pinterest.com/cdunitz/

Unknown said...

I think the main reason I love Pintirest is its a total indulgence. I pin things that I love - its not to do with work or my blog its just beautiful pictures - I have a board on my travels, when I've had a really crazy day at work I like to flick through it, keeps me sane!! xx Vanessa