The weekend, briefly

With an extra special thanks to Mabel's Nana, Charlie and I had some together time this weekend. We watched a couple movies. Starting with (and giving up 26 minutes in) The Tree of Life, moving on to less intense topics like obesity in the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and opening your heart up to love and life HappyThankYouMorePlease.

Juicers pictured:  Champion 2000 and Breville Die Cast Juice Fountain Elite

While watching, we were also sewing, house-winterizing, repairing, cleaning, and indulging in long bouts of laziness. Thanks to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, we were also dreaming of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, vitamins roaring through our veins, and how to make all that happen on a next-to-no budget. A brief surf on Craigslist provided a promising option, but nothing guaranteed yet.

Wish us well on this journey to tasty, juicy health!

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ashley said...

You're always welcome to borrow the old-school juicer Mom gave me ... you know, one of those little glass things with the pointy middle. Just 45 minutes and 8 oranges later, mmmm, a fresh glass of juice! ;)