Clean Up Duty

To anyone with neat and tidy tendencies, these pictures probably don't look too different. I'm not a neat and tidy gal, though, and yesterday's picture of the sofa cover reminded me of just how "cleaned up" our lives on the internet seem to be. Even I, queen of pack rats, tidy up my photos before presenting them to the world.

As I read Sea + Prairie, I'm reminded of the pervasive neatness we see all around us on the internet. Tidy pockets of perfect lives, except this one profoundly honest woman who seeks and speaks truth. Eren reminds us that life is full of learning, truths and even some struggle, but that's okay, that's just how it is.

We've all got pretty pictures to share, but how many of us are brave enough to share the messes that go along with them?


Misti said...

1: That is a lot of eggs!

2: I recently saw that Eren had changed her name/blog on Flickr and was intrigued. I used to read her blog way-back-when as Vintage Chica but hadn't followed in a long time.

Eren said...

Girl...you make me all teary. Love to you. You'd be so happy to know Im putting that pretty paper you sent way back when to use finally. A friend is teaching me how to make art journals and I am absolutely *thrilled* to use it!!! Yay for pretty paper and imperfect lives, eh?