Pass the Party Hat

We're gettin' all gussied up around Chez Sneak for a certain little one's 2nd birthday! She's a fairly girly girl, so we're bustin' out pink decorations galore! There will be flowers ("mels" which I think is maybe "smell"), bubbles ("bubbies"), balloons ("bloos"), and unlimited juice. Oh and dancing, lots of dancing! Playing in the sand box. There may or may not also be a frilly party frock.

This party's gonna be off tha hook!

Here's what I'm thinking: Harvest cake from Roost, Balloons, tissue puffs and straws from Shop Sweet Lulu, Watercolor party cops from Love and Lace, Golden Alligator Pinata from Oh Happy Day (maybe a golden apple?), Big Dipper Waxworks beeswax birthday candles.

What am I forgetting?  Any music suggestions?

1 comment:

ashley said...

How you two ended up with a girly girl, I'll never know. Great decorations, though -- and I love the gator!