Party Time - Excellent!

We're getting all geared up for party time, taking spare moments to finish a few projects that'll make hosting energetic toddlers a little easier. Included in those projects was a child sized iron bench Charlie found on the side of the road on trash day. He used some scrap wood for new slats and voila! Good as new! I think post-party we'll paint the iron a glossy color. He wants to paint the slats a solid color, too, but I like the different colored wood so we'll have to wait and see. Plus with the track record of that project it'll be 2 more years before we even get paint in it's vicinity.

A little peek at the bench as it was happily accepted by our little ragamuffin in her brand-new-to-us, vintage thrift store dress. Success!

I'll see y'all back here on Monday, post juice box excess. Have a good one!

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ashley said...

Wow, Charlie did a great job! I love this bench -- and the little curlyheaded thing sitting atop it. :)