Heirloom tomatoes adorning our kitchen

My absence yesterday was brought to you by the 2-year molars coming through my little M's gums. Fever and general crankiness were present and understandable. Throughout the day M would look at me, say "ouch" in a genuinely heartbreaking tiny voice, and open her mouth wide.

During a brief break from her clingy-ness I shot a few pics of the tomato poster before the heirloom tomatoes I had on hand went bad.

One of these days I'll have actual photos of ALL of the posters, but it'll just have to happen as it can. The colors would've been so much better if Charlie had been the picture taker, he knows the technical stuff. I just know how to [sometimes] focus and change a setting or 2.

Just to show off a little behind the scenes action, here's our kitchen. I know I show it off fairly often, but I love that wallpaper. What can I say? Retro melons and flowers in greens and blues? More more more!


ashley said...

Love your wallpaper too. Greens and blues are a nice, calming mix for the kitchen!

What are your plans for all those tomatoes -- turning them into the sauce we see in pic number 2? Fresh tomato sammiches? All of the above?

Unknown said...

The poster is GORGEOUS! Also that wallpaper is amazing! Is that new or old?