He lights up my life

I don't remember if it was Thursday or Friday of last week, but on one of those days work was slow. On slow days I wander around the internet and sometimes revisit my favorite items/houses/blogs...whatever pops up in my mind. I visit The Brick House. A lot. Her lamp haunts my bedroom daydreams. After a quick search for cantilevered sconces (and variations thereof) I had a small collection of favorite "one day when we're rich" lamps bookmarked. Starting in the upper left going clockwise: Jean Prouve original; different color scheme and scale lamp like The Brick House's made by One Forty Three; bottom right is Andrew Neyer's Crane Light; bottom left is Brendan Ravenhill's Cord Lamp.

So I sent C an email that said something along the lines of, "When we're rich we should get lamps like this for the bedroom." Not that $100 for a handmade lamp/sconce is ridiculous by any stretch of the imagination, it's just we have some things we have to pay for and we need to get it all sorted out before spending on any non essentials.

I guess I lit a spark, because he emailed me back later and said he had some sapele that would be perfect for bedroom sconces. Saturday morning, after I finished my volunteer time at the farmer's market, he went to the hardware store, spent about $5 on parts and came home and started building. They have the same minimalist vibe as the Prouve inspired lights, but a Danish Modern vibe that really fits well with the rest of our house.

By Saturday evening we had new lamps on the wall.  The images immediately above are of his design, but are not the finished version. I'll take a picture of the finished version, but first we have to repaint and redo the bedroom...and the rest of the house. 

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