Find ease

For those of you who do yoga, the following phrase may sound familiar: Find ease in the difficulty of the pose.

To say it's a difficult time would undercut the breadth of living. Sounds cryptic, but there are so many aspects of the day-to-day that require thought and attention and difficult is not necessarily bad. Not everything should be easy. Call the process of experience a tool for internal growth, one that I hope will prepare me to be self-attuned while finding wisdom to carry through parenthood.

These moments in life are nothing short of Dandayamana-Dhanurasana - a strength gaining exercise that also requires coordination, balance, grace and patience within. All the while your teacher reminds you to keep your face muscles and jaw relaxed, finding the ease...

One shining light {ease} this week has been the response to my gift certificate offer for the Owego fundraiser. If you can give but are waiting for pay day to be able to, I'm extending the offer through Monday. Give $20 or more to the Owego Flood Relief and send nobiting {at} gmail {dot} com an e-card (it's an option at checkout) and I'll send you a gift certificate for $20 towards any print in the shop!

To brag on you Wolfie and the Sneak friends, that's already $160 in gift certificates! It's amazing to be able to help in such a creative way. Thank you all for helping us find ease in the difficulty of the pose.

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