Colorful Subtleties

The weekend involved a few house projects (none of which were painting M's room) and a bit of garden tending. Three of the five beds in the front yard have been taken over by crab grass. It's still there, I need to plan an attack.

No matter how many pictures I took I just couldn't seem to capture the subtle variation and intensity of the colors of the broom sorghum. The colors are enough to put it in the Definitely growing again category.

Next time I'll space it out correctly, too. The ones with good root space developed fuller heads, which is what I wanted for broom making. Looks like I'll have plenty of seed to start the next crop, too!

I know I read Seesaw Designs' blog every now and then, but for some reason when I re-found it this past weekend everything looked fresh and new. I sat down and read all the way back through May. (Might be one reason we didn't get any painting done: too much computer time.) They have a definite aesthetic (unlike us Sneakies over here). Even the color selection from post to post remains consistent. Through Seesaw I found and fell in love with Kirra Jamison's work (esp these).

How was your weekend? Fully of colorful experiences and delights? I hope so!

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Misti said...

Love the sorghum! you are still making it into a broom, right?

We got rain, that is colorful enough for us!