Against the grain

Let's continue the talk about coming home from vacation and having the energy to maintain cleaning mode, shall we?

I've started a 30 day grain detox...yep, internal cleaning. I'm on day 3 after a vacation packed with sugary, wheat-filled delights. I've been a bit crabby, not unlike the agitation that comes along with quitting smoking. Fun times, right? You should all wish Charlie well through this, it might suck up all the extra patience he's ever had!

Homegrown cow and black eyed peas as well as simmered
and mashed figs (our own) with applesauce.

The Matthews Fitness Together is doing a 30-day Paleo Challenge. I thought about going full force and taking part in the challenge, but after 10 years as a vegan I've decided deep down I don't have the personal fire it would take to stick with this particular way of eating. I mulled over the challenge and the part that stuck out most to me was eliminating cane sugar and grains (see numbers 9 and 10). Eliminating cane sugar eliminates a bunch of nasty processed non-foods, and eliminating grains (fingers crossed) will help me get creative and add more veggies to my day.

I'm also hoping it will jump start the all-too-stubborn weight loss effort that stalled out about a year (A YEAR!!) ago. Wish me luck. Anyone else out there off the grains? Any tips for a newbie?

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