Sick Days

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As happens with kids {spoken like I have a lot of kid experience} Mabel had pinkeye this past weekend. Ever have it? Swollen eyelids, pink and itchy eyes, oozy tear ducts. Really strange {and probably a bit scary when you can't open your eyes in the morning} for a toddler to experience.

We spent the days being lazy {and yes, the TV was turned on} snacking on fresh summer fruit. Cherries are giant hit! If you don't believe me, just check out that juice stain.

Since the little one wasn't feeling her best, she took a few long deep naps. That meant I had good amount of time to work on some of my own projects. This one is a logo, did you know W&tS does custom logo work? There are a few prints in the works. I'm just hoping I won't have to wait for another sick day to get around to them...I'm not planning on another sick day {for me or M} for a long, long time.

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