Sun Dresses and Sundays

Today I'm sending my loom off to a new home, one that will love it and use it. I'm sad to see it go, glad to see it used. Disappointed that I didn't use it enough to keep it. But listening to the things I find time for, I'm best suited to keep supplies for sewing, drawing, gardening and cooking. What a great 1950s housewife I would've been!

Over the weekend I made a second dress for M. This will be the summer of dresses for her, and this one is from the same pattern as before. As I was working on it I decided to turn it around and use the back as the front. I was planning on the dress being reversible, but decided I liked the green peek as a turned-out collar, that and having some vintage buttons to keep the collar in place made the design so it couldn't be reversible. I added a slight ruffle at bottom and finished the green inside as a liner. I think both fabrics are vintage; the flowered one definitely is, and the green is part of the major fabric score I made off a friend's destash.

The plan is to get the little one potty trained this summer, so easy, breezy dresses will play an essential role.

How long do you think she'll be content with homemade clothes? At what age do we turn brand-conscious?

I think I'll go ahead and cut out a number of dresses, ready for a quick stitch up during the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I've said a few times before that I'm going to do it, so maybe this week I actually will? I have navy blue and white calico version of the first dress nearly complete, then I think the Mod Sailor Dress from Happy Together looks like a fun one to try.

This is just a gratuitous bread shot.  To prove it wasn't all sewing this weekend.

Do you like making clothes for your little ones (or even better, for yourself)? What sites give you inspiration?


Julia said...

i don't have kids to make clothes for (though i have made some for the nephews). but i do try my best to make my own clothes. built by wendy is a great inspiration, as are my stacks of japanese craft books. last year i bought "design it yourself" by cal patch, with the intention of designing some of my own patterns, but have yet to get on that. maybe this is the year?

Anonymous said...

Ek...sending away a loom is a sad occasion! I sold my wolf pup a few years ago, and it was sad. Worse was figuring out how to pack it to ship!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that dress is SO cute and M is adorable! I like gratuitous bread shots too :)

Katie x