Short catch up

Hmm, so I disappeared a bit there, huh? I was (and still am) working on a drawing. I've been really into it, so every free second over the past week has been invested in drawing.

Then we went to the beach for a weekend. *sigh* so nice!
And came back to a 6 AM boot camp style workout to get me back in gear. (Anyone notice that weight loss counter hasn't budged in about 10 months!!?? Yeah, um, I guess I should hang my head in shame.) I'm already sore and the workout was 3 1/2 hours ago, which is not a good sign, but maybe an afternoon in the garden will stretch me back out! Or it will just make me even more sore. Either way, garden time is a-okay.

Hopefully I'll have a little camera/computer time this evening and can share some pics of all the happenings, but in the meantime you get a sneaky peek at my sketch book.

Happy Monday, friends!

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