Make a little birdhouse in your soul

Several years ago I was trudging around aimlessly through the interwebs and came across Smell Like Dirt. Despite my anxiety-filled, shyer-than-shy self, I knew Carol was someone I needed to meet. Kinda like why people go to church,  I find fulfillment in congregation with like-minded people. I shot her an email and we met up at Panera a few days later. Thankfully, Carol is boisterous, adventurous and a great leader, so she didn't seem to have any qualms about a weird, awkward stranger asking her to meet up.

 Ever since we've kept in touch. She's an endless well of inspiration, taking charge of ideas and bringing them to fruition. Anyone in our little (big) town of Matthews with an interest in ecological and wildlife conservation has come in contact with Carol at one point or another, I'm sure of it.
In fact, Carol was my mentor through the Master Composter training. Have I gone on enough about her?

Well, in true Carol form, she and her hubby Jay have started a small business; they recently opened Birdhouse on the Greenway, a bird feed and supply store for wild birds. If you have any doubts about their cumulative knowledge of wild birds in our region, look through Smell Like Dirt. Watch the videos and familiarize yourself with the birder's Eden known as their backyard.

Bird House on the Greenway, official wild bird supply shop of Sweet Haven Homestead.  Like 'em on Facebook and go visit them in person.  Click here to download the coupon and take it with you when you visit!

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Ashley said...

When we took the dog for a walk on the Greenway last weekend (our first time there), we saw a sign saying that Bird House will lend binoculars for bird-watching to people going out on the trail. Neat idea!

(And the Greenway was really nice, by the way ... despite the deafening sound of cicadas all around us!)