Shot through the heart

Image from the Verla Ivans shop.

A while back I gave C some arrows from Verla Ivans on etsy. He wants a real bow and arrow, and is planning on making the bow. These aren't real arrows, just pretty looking painted dowels, but I thought they'd satisfy his craving for at least a little while.

In typical Hi-C fashion, he took the arrows and ran with them. No, not literally, I mean he got all fancy creative and made a rack for them. If you look closely, the crossbar on the rack imitates the grip of a bow. I sure think it's pretty and I sure love that boy, being so creative and all.

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Anonymous said...

When my brother and I were little, my dad actually made us bow and arrows. They were pretty cool, but also probably not so safe. We never got hurt (just dowels and wooden bow w/ string), but the 80's was also a different time:)