I'm working on another post about copyright. I think it's an interesting topic full of questions that no one really seems to know the answers for, even if they are plainly written.
Every time I approach the subject, though, I feel pretty apprehensive. That maybe the person didn't know what they were doing (yeah, right) or that calling someone out actually turns the situation into reality (if a tree falls in the forest). . . But do we, as artists, writers, musicians, sit back and continue to let people steal our work and compromise our livelihood?

If someone steals your work, how do you feel there is a way to resolve the situation?
Do you try to resolve it? If not, then why?
Why is the person claiming or protecting their work so often vilified?
How do you resolve these issues when litigation is an expensive and lengthy process?

Let's start an open discussion. In this discussion ugliness will not be tolerated. Okay. . . go!

{by the way, in the Copyright Symbol you see the work of Christine Buckton Tillman, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Betsy Walton, and probably some Apak and Kate Bingaman-Burt, Irana Douer, and Jessica Swift. If you see your work, let me know which part and I'll credit you!}

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Sarah said...

This is such a deep and complicated subject.

I, personally, have not had any of my copyrights infringed upon (that I know of) but I know I would be crushed if it did happen to me and my work.

I have had a lot of discussions about this with my boyfriend who is also an artist (music, design) but has a the complete opposite standpoint than me (and most). He thinks that all work should be given away for free. Copied, used, spread around. I think this is all well and good and generous but I don't agree at all. He has a very idealistic standpoint but I don't think it is a realistic one.

I want to make a living as an artist/designer. And that involves money and protecting my work. Stealing ideas, selling them for less, being too-strongly influence, all of these things cheapen our field and hurt everyone. If a client can pay a counterfeiter less to get an inferior but similar product, eventually they may expect to pay nothing. Then EVERYONE is out of work.

...I could rattle on but I'll come back later and see what everyone else has to say.