Soap Box Part II

Since starting to make my own laundry soap I've also been looking for a good way to store it. I make big batches but lugging a heavy tub of soap around to do laundry isn't my idea of fun; enter the conundrum. Reusing ugly bins is good for the environment, but not so fun on the eyes.

So I designed this:

A pretty little chalkboard inspired label to fancy up my soap storage containers. When I get another free moment I'll actually print it up and put it to use.
Have you tried homemade laundry soap yet?

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Julia said...

love the label! homemade laundry soap is totally on my list, but i haven't gotten to it yet. every time i get close to the end of my laundry soap, i think i'll make some instead of buy more, but it hasn't happened yet. this time, i swear!