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This might be a bit confusing, if it is, I'm sorry. I want to do something for the disaster in Japan but I'm overwhelmed with so many projects as it is I'm afraid the donations would get mixed up with my shop earnings. So here's what I came up with:

You donate a minimum of $15 to Doctors Without Borders by personalizing an e-card. For "In Honor Of" you can use "Tsunami Relief" or pretty much anything you want to honor with your donation. Fill in your personal info and use no biting at gmail dot com [sub in symbols and string it all together] as my address. In the message area make sure you include which print you'd like as well as a mailing address. When I receive the e-card I'll stick your print in the mail. Bada bing!

The prints from top to bottom: Houseplants w/ kraft paper background, Caterpillars and host plants, or Jade Tree w/ yellow argyle.

If it's easier you can give through FirstGiving, though they take a little bit from each donation for operational purposes.


Of course, you're always welcome to simply give and not receive. I just thought I'd add a little extra incentive for giving. 

A few other ways to shop and give: Abby Try Again is giving $8 from the sale of each of these prints to Red Cross Relief efforts. Also (via Abby) Sakura Bloom is having a raffle for three of their amazingly beautiful baby slings and Corter is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this modern, simple leather tribute bracelet.

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