Oops! Sorry for the quick disappearance but my brother got married this past weekend and I had some last minute printing to do for their celebration.

The wedding was in Lake Lure, NC, at the hotel where they filmed part of Dirty Dancing. . . which I've never seen, so the references went over my head.

Otherwise I've been up to a few things. I recently:
Biked the new greenway that runs behind our neighborhood. It's a pretty easy 'n short (2 mile) ride, even for me.

Planted seed potatoes. This time I'm trying the hill method.According to Seeds of Change, I should add some companions such as horseradish, beans, corn, cabbage, marigold, limas, eggplant (as a trap crop for potato beetle)

Planted 4 Ostrich fern (crowns?) and 5 bare root violets.

Transplanted Queen of the Night tulips that had multiplied but weren't getting enough sun to really flourish.

Planted 4 hosta hybrids that keep small leaves. Here's to hoping they're tasty!

I've seen some of my work come to life in a few new places; one I'm particularly proud of is the new Heavy Petal site. Recognize those nasturtiums? Yep, those are mine!


Shayna said...

1. Dirty Dancing is only one of my most favorite movies. How fun to have a party at that hotel! It's a super corny movie but you should probably see it now that you've been there.

2. potatoes! so fun!

Jessica said...

I've only seen bits and pieces of 'Dirty Dancing', just enough that I can answer pub-quizzes correctly!

Heavy Petal said...

Glad you're proud of the new HeavyPetal.ca site! You should be. I love it :)