Free Art! Open to the trade!

I have a limited time offer for you kiddos out there!

More of a play on words than literal, we're open to the trade! I've decided that since my time is very limited (and so is C's) it's time to get creative. I need some decent product shots. Here's the deal: Lets trade! I'll send you a print, you use it in your home and snap a snazzy picture of it all happy in situ for me to use as product shots. You keep the art, I use the picture, we're all happy and no one goes broke!

Want in on the trading fun? Send me a note with the print you'd like, a link to some of your pics, and your address. I just want to make sure the traders (tradees?) have a good grasp of focus and light or can at least pull the image off in the name of artsy-ness.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I would photo the HECK out of that spring helicopters print in my grey/blue bedroom ... if you need me to.