A few of my designs in the company of awesomeness

Picture by Little Paper Planes

For the past couple months I've been keeping a secret, and since I saw a pic on the Little Paper Planes flickr account I'm guessing the secret can be whispered around a bit.

But just whispered.

In the words of Michael Scott, "I'm not superstitious, but I am kinda stitious." See, I've had a handful of hopeful moments where I thought "things" would happen--a brush with an iPhone skin that never panned out and a few other requests for work. They didn't happen, and I blame myself for getting too excited and over analytical about what the client might want. It took a while, but I've realized the pattern: That's when I forget what I'm interested in doing and lose my artistic voice. I try to make something someone else will like, and that never works out for me.

So all bragging, prideful boasting and tellingeveryoneIseetoday will be kept to a minimum. It's still not real and I think if I get too excited it will become unreal again. What is it? Towards the end of 2010 Little Paper Planes asked me to send over some examples of my work for a possible t shirt gig. So I did and I didn't tell anyone or think about it much.

Then this morning Kelly {LPP super-proprietress} posted a picture on the LPP flickr site and guess what's in that stack of them there t shirts?? A few of my designs in the company of awesomeness. Where can you find such radness at a great price?!?  

That's the clincher:   
They'll be hitting the shelves of {wait for it} Target this summer! 

Ahem. We can now resume talking at an appropriate volume.


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Renee!!! That is HUGE news!!! Congrats! I'm SO very happy for you- a well deserved honor. :) xo, Abbey

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Where are the t-shirts being made?

Conny said...

Serious? (said rather loudly) That is so awesome!! High Fives ('cause we still do that at my house). Happy to hear the news. Cheers ~ Conny

Francesca said...

That's beyond awesome - congratulations! xo

Anonymous said...

No, not Target, Renee! That place is horrible. Practically everything there is made in China...

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thanks y'all! Anonymous, I did have an internal {and external within my family} dialogue about those very concerns.