Colorful Kitchenisms

This shelf used to be in my studio, where it acquired many messes and things I was too lazy to put away. Now it's in the kitchen, still mostly bare because I have been taking more time to consider what I want to see out in the open. I like the empty shelves--that doesn't happen often around our house. I feel like it's a little extra breathing room.

Plus, with an orderly (semi-orderly?) kitchen, I'm more apt to do things like this:

Hello low fat chocolate/pecan/banana muffins!

Although the jury is still out on baking in silicone. It just doesn't seem right to me. What do you think?

Oh yeah, and pardon the fact that everything is out of focus. I'm learning a little bit about manual focus lenses and am not so good at it. Let's just pretend these pics are arty, ok?


Jessica said...

I've been considering open shelving or some type of long shelves on one wall in my kitchen...decisions, decisions.

denise said...

Baking in silicone? doesn't feel right to me. It's said that it is non-toxic but....