She loves me knots

I'm not much on talking about my process--it's kinda boring. I'll start learning about something and think, "OH! That would be fun to record as a drawing" so I start drawing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The past week or so I've been drawing rope and knots. {. . .Actually longer, but the past week is about how long I've been thinking of a knot poster.}
So it starts with pages of drawings, some that make it into the final poster, some that don't. They're scanned in as jpgs and the original drawings then go into a big disorganized drawer file.
On this particular one I also scanned in kraft paper (aka a grocery bag) for texture.

Then I start in on the layout, moving things around in Photoshop until I like the way it flows visually. Next comes color. Sometimes the color makes me rethink the layout, sometimes it clicks and I am happily, miraculously, fantastically in love with the image before me and I know I'm done. Usually, though, it's a process of playing around, then printing the possibly-finished-piece, taping it to the wall and staring at it. I'll get up, move around, lose myself in the internet, sneak a look over my shoulder and see if the satisfied feeling sinks in. If it doesn't, I sit down and make the changes I think will make it work. Print them up, distract myself for a bit, sneak a look. . . and so on. This dance can go on for days. At some point the image feels done but hopefully not overdone. Then I unveil it to the world wide web.

If you want to read the illustration about the process, click on the image or clicky clicky here.

If you love this print and want to purchase it, go check it out in my big cartel shop! This is the August Summer Camp image and, just like the badminton print, only 10 will be available until the end of the month. Then they'll vanish into thin air!

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