Ready for Rehab?

You probably didn't know this, but I have a fear of knives. Not an unavoidable scream and run when I see one fear, but more of a healthy amount of respect for them.

Same goes for electric saws, but I digress. . .

Fears aside, I'm in the market for a good whittling knife. Any suggestions?

Inspired by a cheap-o handle-less spatula, I asked Charlie to cut up a fallen pecan tree branch into handle sized segments for experimentation. One of the segments he cubed off with the bandsaw. I sanded it down and applied spoonwax.

While it's soaking in the spoonwax, I've come up with a billion other ideas of things to do with fallen branches. Should I bore you with the overactive imaginative details? Buttons are on the agenda for shiz.

Hopefully today I'll get the first handle finished and proudly show off my sanding skills while conquering my fear of sharp objects. In the meantime, I've decided this is the prime project to kick off a new series on this ol' blog called Domestic Rehab {aka little projects to rehabilitate a new life into old stuff}.

I love studiomama, I love A merry Mishap, I love Black. White. Yellow.

They lead me to each other and to My Scandinavian Retreat. Yes. I have enough love to share with all of them.

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Jessica said...

Oh thanks!

And the blog looks fantastic!