Knowing is half the battle

Yesterday I hit my 10% weight loss goal--which, if you take the time to do the math, you can figure out how much I weighed and how much I weigh now. Please don't do that--and if you do, please don't judge me.

But 10%--that's pretty cool by me. Photo above is me 10 lbs ago. Photo below is me now.

On Tuesday I tried to do an updated me & Mabel portrait; you know, one of those hold out the camera and snap snap. We couldn't get in sync with our facial expressions, but I think they're hilarious. Especially fond of M's face in the top left.

There are a few rare qualities of Renee Portraits here, first is that there are pictures of me at all and second is the open mouth smile for the world to see, after a 32-year span of people making fun of my smile. Accepting and celebrating me is all part of the process, though, so it is what it is and knowing that makes me pretty damn happy.

Also, if I went in and actually got my bangs trimmed {see bottom right picture} I might be about 5 pounds lighter. Adding that to the to-do list.


Jessica said...

Congrats Renee!

and you have a lovely smile... :)

lizzy said...

I love, love your work! I was just poking around here after coming here via decor8. Anyway, this post caught my eye bc I am in the same boat, doing WW to lose the baby weight (except he's already 2!). I love it and am nearly at my 5% goal. Just wanted to say congratulations to you and keep it up! Your baby is adorable, btw!